Sound System

The Society now has an effective sound system,

which has been in use for several months,

and has been found to be a great help to

everyone who formerly had problems hearing the speaker.

This was obtained through a grant from the Big Lottery Fund, for which we are grateful.


Congratulations Fred!

Fred Ambrose has a painting hanging in Ongar Library.


When Ongar Library was built in 1993, Fred had a

chat with the builder, and took some photographs and sketches of the scaffolding and heaps of bricks, and was in fact given a brick so as to get the right colour.

Fred painted a picture, and they were pleased when he kindly donated it to them.

This week it has been hung in Ongar Library, and it will get a mention in the Ongar News.

Next time you visit Ongar, take time to go into the library and see Fred's painting.

Once through the doors, look at the wall on the left above the staff room door.

Last meeting: October 8th. Colin Steed

gave a watercolour demonstration entitled:

How to Make a Cottage Door Shine With Sunlight.


Members' Gallery

The gallery page provides members with an opportunity to show their work online.

All you need to do is email a photograph of your artwork to me, and I will do the rest.

You will not be able to send your picture via the contacts page, but you can contact me that way, and I will give you the address to send it to. Or you can speak to me at a meeting.

It is a great way to display our work to the public.

Click here, or use the menu, to go to the GALLERY.



was held at Budworth Hall, Ongar, on Saturday 12th November

For pictures of the day, click here.

If you are taking part in an exhibition or event, and would like a mention on this page,

please send me the details via the contact page, or give me the details when you see me at a meeting.

Members' Activities

competition winner

Loueen Morrison

was the winner of the

Spring 2017 Competition:

Illustrate a Line from a

Song, Poem or Book.

Ongar Art Society

Summer Exhibition 2017


The winner of the

'Public's Favourite' Competition was Carol Poulton,

with Birch Forest.

Birch Forest


Beverly Hughes and Lynne Harris will be exhibiting at the View, from July 9th to Sept 24th.

The exhibition will feature over 50 local artists who use Epping Forest as their inspiration.

Open Tuesday - Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm.

View Gallery, The Vuew, 6, Rangers Road, Chingford, E4 7QH.


workshop 6

Next Workshop:


– Using Indian Ink with Jenny Hill

Click here for more information


Previous workshop:

Impressionistic Animals with Marie Antoniou.

Go to the Gallery page 

to see some of the paintings produced.


Next Members' Competition:


to be judged at our meeting on 12 October  2017


Please click here for the details.

Next Meeting: October 12th

Brin Edwards will give a talk on Wildlife Artists.


This talk was originally scheduled for January 2017, but was postponed due to bad weather.


Brin has always been fascinated by the natural world since his early childhood spent in Singapore where he was captivated by the colourful tropical species.

Back in the UK he recalls meeting Peter Scott at the Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust as a child, and his encouraging words for his “ham-fisted attempt to capture the likeness of a flamingo” stays with him to this day.

He went on to study Biology and Ecology at University, however he soon realised that he was much more interested in the way the natural world looks than in any theories about how it worked.


In recent years he has developed a personal and expressive way of depicting the natural world in his oil paintings – a loose, atmospheric approach in contrast to the precision of his illustration work.