Sound System

The Society now has an effective sound system,

which has been in use for several months,

and has been found to be a great help to

everyone who formerly had problems hearing the speaker.

This was obtained through a grant from the Big Lottery Fund, for which we are grateful.


Congratulations Fred!

Fred Ambrose has a painting hanging in Ongar Library.


When Ongar Library was built in 1993, Fred had a

chat with the builder, and took some photographs and sketches of the scaffolding and heaps of bricks, and was in fact given a brick so as to get the right colour.

Fred painted a picture, and they were pleased when he kindly donated it to them.

This week it has been hung in Ongar Library, and it will get a mention in the Ongar News.

Next time you visit Ongar, take time to go into the library and see Fred's painting.

Once through the doors, look at the wall on the left above the staff room door.

Last meeting: October 8th. Colin Steed

gave a watercolour demonstration entitled:

How to Make a Cottage Door Shine With Sunlight.


Members' Gallery

The gallery page provides members with an opportunity to show

their work online.

All you need to do is email a photograph of your artwork to me,

and I will do the rest.

You will not be able to send your picture via the contacts page, but you can contact me that way, and I will give you the address to send it to. Or you can speak to me at a meeting.

It is a great way to display our work to the public.

Click here, or use the menu, to go to the GALLERY.


If you are taking part in an exhibition or event, and would like a mention on this page,

please send me the details via the contact page,

or give me the details when you see me at a meeting.

Members' Activities

Ongar Art Society

Summer Exhibition 2017


The winner of the

"Public's Favourite" Competition was

Carol Poulton,

with Birch Forest.

Birch Forest

Members' Competition:



The competition winner was Lynne Harris.


A display of the entries was made at the Winter Art Sale.

Next Meeting: February 8th

David Webb will give a demonstration 

of a Still Life in Watercolour.


On leaving school at 18, in 1980, David worked as an illustrator, mainly for the editorial market on books, magazines and greetings cards.

Then, in 2000 he decided to break away from the constraints of illustration, and began working on larger scale paintings

in a looser style.

David has contributed articles for Leisure Painter magazine,

and has written and illustrated several books.


Lynne Harris IMG_1630


A sale of artists’ works, including original paintingsand prints,

cards and some crafts

was held on 11 November 2017.


In spite of the not so warm weather, a good day was had by all.


Click here to see some photographs of the day.

The Ongar

Art Society

Christmas meeting

was held on December 14th.

A good time was had by all.


to see pictures of the evening

click here.

Christmas 2017 (6)

Next Workshop

The next workshop has been announced:


with Sylvia Paul

Sylvia Paul pic smll